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Hand & Ring Sawing in Sydney & NSW

At Impact Concrete Cutting, we offer specialised Hand & Ring Sawing services, ideal for precise cutting in confined spaces. Our services are tailored for expanding doorways, windows, and creating openings for demolition.

What is Hand Sawing?

Hand Sawing is an adaptable cutting method using diamond blades, capable of achieving depths between 10mm and 150mm. Our hand saws, powered by petrol, electricity, or hydraulics, are designed for creating clean cuts in various materials including brick walls, reinforced concrete, and sandstone. This method is perfect for forming new doorways, electrical and plumbing openings, new windows, and precision trimming for pipes and other components.

Reasons to Choose Hand Sawing:

  • Flexibility to cut various materials including brick and reinforced concrete.
  • Ideal for precise, clean cuts in confined spaces and on different surfaces.
  • Portable and easy to manoeuvre, enhancing accessibility in tight areas.

What is Ring Sawing?

Ring Sawing, a variation of hand sawing, is used for deeper cuts, up to 325mm. It uses a diamond-tipped offset cutting wheel, suitable for situations where larger saws are ineffective or cannot fit. Ring saws are excellent for clean cuts with low noise and vibration, and are suitable for wall, door, and window openings, as well as cutting through concrete pipes and manhole covers.

Reasons to Choose Ring Sawing:

  • Deeper cutting capability, ideal for thicker materials like concrete floors.
  • Efficient in tight or restricted spaces where larger equipment cannot reach.
  • Produces clean, precise cuts, perfect for detailed and specific cutting needs.

Why Choose Impact Concrete Cutting

Our Expertise and Commitment

Impact Concrete Cutting provides 24/7 services throughout Sydney, Newcastle, and Nowra. We are committed to delivering friendly, reliable, and efficient services, with a focus on safety and customer satisfaction.

Cutting-Edge Hand & Ring Sawing Technology

Our advanced hand and ring sawing equipment ensures high precision and efficiency. Whether it’s for small apertures or large-scale projects, we guarantee precision and cleanliness in every cut.

Why Choose Us?

Our team of experts is skilled in both hand and ring sawing, ready to deliver top-tier cutting services for any project. With a focus on precision and safety, we ensure every job is completed to the highest standards.

Contact Us

For all inquiries and a free quote on our hand and ring sawing services, contact us at 1300 669 619. Choose Impact Concrete Cutting for unmatched precision and expertise in concrete cutting services.

Service Areas

Impact Concrete Cutting offers our Core Drilling Services in Sydney and the rest of New South Wales, including but not limited to:

  • Newcastle
  • Central Coast
  • Nowra
  • Wollongong
  • Canberra